Saturday, 3 March 2012

Needle and threads

This is my 1st entry for ‘a passion for papertery’ challenge.

The theme is 'needle and threads'. Um. Tricky. Very Tricky. I don’t have a sewing machine. (!!) I have always wanted one but I just don’t have the space in my room, so thinking cap on!

Then I suddenly remembered I have a set of patterned paper from stamping up! And it is called 'sweet stitching' from last year's cataloge..Bingo!i guess I am going to cheat a bit here and pair it up with a hand sewed flower as the focal point. So i combined some real ‘needle and threads’ and some printed 'needle and threads’in this card. You just can’t see the real needle and threads cause they are hidden in the flower ;D

I made a mother's day themed card since it is almost mother’s day.  Btw, I never really celebrate mother's day in March since my mum is still living in HK and they follow the American tradition and their mother's day is in May..But Hong Kong used to be a British colony?? Not making sense here and I am always confused when I should say happy mothers day to my mum.

Ok, enough blethering. Let's see the card.

I used the colour scheme here:

And I used the a PTI mat stack 4 die and fillable frames 4's sentiment and mix and match different paper and embellishments, and a hand sewed felt flower.See my pinterest if you would like to know how to make them.

I am having a lazy week this week, started making loads of cards but they are all half finish and they are just lying around (told you I am messy!!)  I guess I need to get my motivation back. I am glad there is more day light now! Can't wait for summer ( i guess i started saying that back in September?)


  1. Hi Micholla !!! WOO HOO !! So glad to see your entry for the challenge - I saw you name and I thought "I wonder if it's the girl I shared an order with?" and it is - great card !! Love your valentine pressie idea too. Anyhow, I just wanted to say hi (waving madly!!) and congrats on taking the blog plunge !

    Margaret C

  2. I like your style (there's no such thing as cheating in our challenges!) I love that you've joined in our challenge -I hope it won't be the last!
    Thanks for joining us on A Passion for Papertrey!

  3. Great to see you joining in - you're always welcome!! Your card is so pretty - your mum will love it (even if it's not MD in HK!!).
    Thanks for joining us at A Passion for Papertrey.

    Caryn xxx