Sunday, 11 March 2012

Supporting local businesses

I found out on Saturday that Burns and Harris in Dundee was closing down( after 126 years!!!!)..and they were selling all the remaining stock with 70% off. I got myself some great bargains although the shops stock was almost all gone, at the same time I am sad they are closing. I can always go to Hobbycraft and other shops I guess..but I liked the homely feeling of B&H, they always cut the cardboard for me for free and they’ve got some great art stuff. I think it is a shame that so many small businesses in this difficult economic climate  are not able to survive..

So I am going to use this post to support some local business and do a bit of free marketing for them..(ok, I know..i don’t really have 10 million followers and not everyone is living in Dundee..but they are all lovely shops and products that deserve some recognitions..and whenever I like a shop/restaurant in Dundee, I always tell Gary: 'I hope they won’t close down soon' because businesses in Dundee don’t seem to last long..?)

So first up, is Henry’s coffee house. It is just a lovely place in the city centre. I love my starbucks(and all the freebies I get from the starbucks card), but it is good to sometimes go to somewhere else that is less ‘commercial’. I know what to expect in starbucks but going to Henry is more exciting, you always wonder what cakes they’ve got today and what is the soup of the day. All their food is very tasty I would say( They used to serve the soup with a roll and with Lockerbie butter which is one of the best butters I have ever tasted. I think they are available in most supermarkets, the one with salt is more tasty than the one without salt.) And I believe they do live music sessions at night time in the cafĂ© now. Check their website /facebook page if you would like to know more.

They did a tasting session in the place I work the other day and the owner(Henry?haha) told me they got their coffee beans from that wee little coffee/tea shop in the city centre( you will know what i mean if you live in Dundee,that old old fashion coffee/tea shop!). Local businesses supporting each other, thumbs up :)

Then they next one is Mrs.Bridge. I guess they are quite famous already and you can see them in quite a lot of food shops. I found out actually they are based in Arbroath and they do lovely gift sets when you purchase online. I ordered a few sets for Christmas and they came with a very presentable gift bag and their products are very yummy. I used to buy the garlic mayo all the time and Gary told me the chutney i got for his family as part of the Christmas hamper went down like a storm in his household. You usually got a discount code from their facebook page for 10% off and you will sometimes get free delivery on special promotions period.

Give them a try if you are living in Dundee or in the UK. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Actually I am bit frustrated from the weekend just past with my blog, I tried to fix my ‘reply’ button on the comment bit, but it is just not working! I think I spent around 3 hours looking for solutions in Google and even try to fixed my HTML (god knows what they are…?!) still no progress (!!). I wish I am a computer geek guru and I should of paid more attention at school when they were teaching all this weird coding thing..

The reason behind fixing the stupid button is that I just want to say thanks for everyone for their comments and encouragement since I started this blog. It is always nice get some feedback.
(and Jeff, I lied to you, I said everyone can leave a comment, actually that’s not the case until I changed my setting 2 days you can leave a comment now without having a Google account! I learn something new about my blog

I will try to finish up a few cards and hopfully get another post up later this week and enter a few card chanallege if I can, I totally need to kick the lazy bug out of my body.

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