Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I thought I will update you on the situation of my room’s makeover. After some DIY work by Mr. Finnegan, my room is finally organized with a set of new chest of drawers. I will not show you a 'before' and 'after' photo because it is still quite messy(!!), ok, I admit I have not tidied every single part of my room yet ( You can’t rush things when you are on holiday). And to be honest, although my room is not small in size but with the amount of stuff I have, I always managed to made my room ‘crowded’ ( hint* I want a separate craft room when I move into a house!!).

Anyway, at least most of the tools and paper have now got their own place in the room rather than lying around in boxes and in plastic bags. And it is much easier for me to pull them out and work on different projects. Stage 1 completed with stage 2,3.4 to come in the coming weeks.(!!)

So on a lovely Sunday afternoon while Mr. Finnegan is working on something on my laptop, I decided to make a quick card before I start sobbing that the weekend is over.

At the moment I am a bit obsessed with postmark/travel/queen jubilee/British theme so I put all these things together made this random thank you card.  (And I discovered that the union flag colours are actually the same as the air mail postmark colour!!)

** I wrote my blog and edited the photo during the week and actually I made another card using the same background paper I made while I was watching ‘The Apprentice’( Edinburgh this week, can’t wait :D) . I just switched the design a wee bit and added the baker twine. Done before Lord sugar fired one of his candidates :D

That’s me just now, hopefully I will be able to produce a bit more in my new craft space. Lets see :D

Friday, 6 April 2012


When I am tidying my room this week, I am also trying to tidy all the photos in my laptop, putting them in different folders and stuff and then I came across these cards. I remember making them for my ex-ex-flatmate and my ex-flatmate for their uni graduation last year. I sent them both a card, some flowers and a bottle of bubbly for their big day. I still think finishing uni is kinda a big achievement and after that you are a proper grown up I guess. No more essays and assignments for the rest of your life! ( my first thought!!)
And I think uni is so much fun that I would love to do it again. If I am academicly clever, I think I would like to stay in uni forever, however I am not (not even close to it). Being a student, you have got so much free time and not much to do really , a few hours in the library max if you are approaching the essay deadline, such a great stress free life compared to working life.

Although I don't see my ex-flatmates often now since both of them moved away from 'lovely' Dundee, I still wish them all the best with what they are doing now. They are both very nice girls and lovely to live with. ( and yes, I lived with flatmate from hell before as well)

( I finished typing and editing this post when I am waiting for Argos to deliver my new set of drawers, they said the delivering time is 7am -8 pm. Will the delivery man really come at 8? I am getting impatient now) Time for a cuppa and some biscuits I guess.


I am not really in a crafting mood this week because I am going to rearrange my room so I can fit in a new chest of drawers for all of my, ever expending, craft supplies. So there is quite a lot of stuff lying around just now and I think I will start doing craft again once I have finished tidying them up during Easter. (9 days Easter holiday!! Got sooooooooooo much on my to-do list :D )

I am not in crafting mood but I am in cooking/eating mood(diet plan in the bin?!),I made a few things last weeks and I am quite happy how they turned out.

First, is the ‘Union flag’ shepherd pie. It is my version of shepherd pie, using buffalo mince instead of lamb and I added chilli in it, bascially I changed half of the recipe expect for the mash on the top(!!). I saw this ‘design’ on the cover of Jamie’s magazine a while ago and I thought what a fun idea! Perfect for Queen’s diamond jubilee dinner party. Very British :D

And next up is the ‘ Dinner for the month with Mr. Finnegan’. He chosed ‘My old man supreme chicken’  for his main course. (the original recipe from Jamie Oliver as well) Basically it is a chicken breast wraped with mushroom and pastry. I am a big fan of puff pastry so I think this is great! Even Mr. Finnegan doesn’t really like mushroom. He cleared his plate much faster than me. March mission completed :)

And I made waffle on..Pancake Friday I think..? ha. It was made within Pancake Tuesday week anyway.  With ice-cream and cracking chocolate sauce, yum. ( you can totally see my ice-cream is melting

Even typing this blog post make me hungry! I am actually on a diet right now so i don't look too chubby in my American trip in June. Better head to the gym more ofter I guess. ( Actually I am munching a carmel slide when I am typing this. lol Diet starts on Monday which I said all the time lol)

Going to put some Jason Mraz on then back to my tidying :) Happy Easter everyone!