Monday, 10 June 2013

Use up your Washi tape! -1-

I am a washi tape collector and it is so hard not to take them home when you see a cute design! I know you will all agree with me! And the thing about washi tape is.. you never seem to be able to finish a roll! I bought my first MT washi tape more than 5 years ago and I still have them with me today. They do last forever…and ever…

I have spread my addiction to my friends as well and they always come back to me with the same questions: What do I do with it now? and my answer is always: Use it on Anything.

Vague answer I know so I am starting this ‘using up your washi tape’ project and show you how I use up my supplies :)

I am going to keep all the designs simple with the minimal use of any craft tools so basically you only need some card base, some stamps ( or you can print the font out from a Words document) and a few embellishments maybe.

First project: Washi tape focus Father's day card