Thursday, 16 February 2012


I will share something else with you today. Craft related but not a real card and it's not home cooking..(because I was too busy watching Downton abbey last week?!!) but it is something combining these 2 great things plus more! is Pinterest!!

What you need to do is when you see somethig you like on the website, you can 'pin' your favourite things on your ‘board’.How fun is this?

These photos just make you smile,they show you how pretty things can be.

So much fun and  full of inspiration. Looking at colours and food makes me happy.. oh..and all the places I would love to go before i die. Georgeous photos.

And I thought I will show you my 'real life pintestest' as well..My receip book and my craft idea book. Old fashoined but i love them.

I made my own craft note book, it is a 99p notebook from 'The Works'! and i got the really prettyrecipe book from paperchase.

You can see i got some recipes from Tesco magazine and some old recipes are from 'i don't even remember where'. I just wrote them down in both Chinese and English. If my granchildren would like to know my secret recipes, they better learn some Chinese :D

And i draw sketches on my craft one. Got some scrapbook sketches in the book as well. I wish I could bring this notebook with me all the time but it is a bit too heavy, I might go and get another lighter one next time.

Oh, so if you want a Pinterest account, let me know so i can invite you and you don't need to get put on the waiting list.

Happy pinning and skteching :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Love is in the air

When you thought Christmas was not that long ago, here comes valentines’ day. So this is another occasion for cards and some handmade goodies and more CHOCOLATE!

To be honest, Scottish people receive chocolate all year round. You usually have a selection box for Christmas, then its valentine’s day, chocolate bunny for Easter, mother’s day, father’s day, birthday, Halloween, dinner party gift. Chocolate manufactures will never go bankrupt in this chocolate loving country.

I had a light bulb moment a week ago when I was reading the new Jamie’s magazine, I can combine my two favourite hobbies! So this is what I produced. A year free ‘special dinner’ for Mr. Finnegan, which includes most of his favourite dishes and some new receipts for me to try.

Here is how it works, each month, I (the chef) will set out a 3-course menu and he can pick a date, pick the dishes he wants on the menu, then I will cook it and everyone is a happy bunny after.  Great money saving idea (!!) and this is much better than me getting him a rubbish present that he might not even remember next year . ( actually, in my opinion, I never pick rubbish present so that’s  why I am running out of ideas now.)

Of course, you need a card to go with it.

Then here is my next project. Some sweets for everyone on valentine’s day. Oreo truffle. Combine cream cheese with oreo, cover it with dark chocolate and some cocopops toping thingy ( yea..them 'ants' like thing!!) ... Yum.

I read this line on the paper after Richard Branson’s holiday home burnt down last year, and I though this will be perfect to end this blog post.

‎''At the end of the day, what you realise is that all that matters is the people you love. Everything else is just stuff. And none of that stuff really matters.''
So the important message here is, if you don’t get what you want this year, you can always ask for it in the next valentine’s day (!!).

Sunday, 5 February 2012

My 1st Blog Post!

I DID IT J  After having this idea for more than a year now, and with people around me keep telling me that I should do this. I finally started a blog. I would love to share all my crafty bits and bobs here, some home cooking as well if I remember to take a photo before I demolish the dish, um..some baking as well after im done with my diet. As titled, this will be my wee messy corner with my favourite things.

I guess this blog will be handy for all my dearest friends as well as those who are running out of ideas for birthdays, anniversarys, Christmas and valentine’s day.etc… If you would like to replicate any project here, just let me know and I would be happy to make up a little kit up and ship it to you. And I hope you will enjoy the making process as well and remember handmade stuff is always the best gift. (as they say...)

Oh well, I will keep this blog in English since I have no idea where I put my chinese hand writing board and it is more easy for me to update. And please feel free to share this blog with your friends as well. and I would love to hear your comment so I can keep on improving, especially on my photography skills which is very basic right now. (Same as my computer skill, took me a good few week to get this blog sorted..)

Anyways, let check out my 1st published project.  My first little production is a post card I made for my LTC 2012 travel buddies. ( I hope u all received this by now!) I took the inspiration from the hero art stamp set and make this little card for them so they know is not long till the holiday of the year! I know we are not going to Paris but you get what I mean. I am really looking forward to this trip and I might keep making travel themed craft till then. till the rest of our friends are sick of us talking about it I guess.

Ok, so I think that’s me for now. I am determine to keep this blog going and I am working on a project that I will reveal a little bit later. Finally I can cross out one item on my 2012 New Year resolution list. And I still got another 10 on the list to do..haha.

Will post a 'mini present' I design for valentines day in the next post which I have not even started. Good luck to me.(!!)