Friday, 6 April 2012


I am not really in a crafting mood this week because I am going to rearrange my room so I can fit in a new chest of drawers for all of my, ever expending, craft supplies. So there is quite a lot of stuff lying around just now and I think I will start doing craft again once I have finished tidying them up during Easter. (9 days Easter holiday!! Got sooooooooooo much on my to-do list :D )

I am not in crafting mood but I am in cooking/eating mood(diet plan in the bin?!),I made a few things last weeks and I am quite happy how they turned out.

First, is the ‘Union flag’ shepherd pie. It is my version of shepherd pie, using buffalo mince instead of lamb and I added chilli in it, bascially I changed half of the recipe expect for the mash on the top(!!). I saw this ‘design’ on the cover of Jamie’s magazine a while ago and I thought what a fun idea! Perfect for Queen’s diamond jubilee dinner party. Very British :D

And next up is the ‘ Dinner for the month with Mr. Finnegan’. He chosed ‘My old man supreme chicken’  for his main course. (the original recipe from Jamie Oliver as well) Basically it is a chicken breast wraped with mushroom and pastry. I am a big fan of puff pastry so I think this is great! Even Mr. Finnegan doesn’t really like mushroom. He cleared his plate much faster than me. March mission completed :)

And I made waffle on..Pancake Friday I think..? ha. It was made within Pancake Tuesday week anyway.  With ice-cream and cracking chocolate sauce, yum. ( you can totally see my ice-cream is melting

Even typing this blog post make me hungry! I am actually on a diet right now so i don't look too chubby in my American trip in June. Better head to the gym more ofter I guess. ( Actually I am munching a carmel slide when I am typing this. lol Diet starts on Monday which I said all the time lol)

Going to put some Jason Mraz on then back to my tidying :) Happy Easter everyone!

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