Friday, 6 April 2012


When I am tidying my room this week, I am also trying to tidy all the photos in my laptop, putting them in different folders and stuff and then I came across these cards. I remember making them for my ex-ex-flatmate and my ex-flatmate for their uni graduation last year. I sent them both a card, some flowers and a bottle of bubbly for their big day. I still think finishing uni is kinda a big achievement and after that you are a proper grown up I guess. No more essays and assignments for the rest of your life! ( my first thought!!)
And I think uni is so much fun that I would love to do it again. If I am academicly clever, I think I would like to stay in uni forever, however I am not (not even close to it). Being a student, you have got so much free time and not much to do really , a few hours in the library max if you are approaching the essay deadline, such a great stress free life compared to working life.

Although I don't see my ex-flatmates often now since both of them moved away from 'lovely' Dundee, I still wish them all the best with what they are doing now. They are both very nice girls and lovely to live with. ( and yes, I lived with flatmate from hell before as well)

( I finished typing and editing this post when I am waiting for Argos to deliver my new set of drawers, they said the delivering time is 7am -8 pm. Will the delivery man really come at 8? I am getting impatient now) Time for a cuppa and some biscuits I guess.

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