Sunday, 5 February 2012

My 1st Blog Post!

I DID IT J  After having this idea for more than a year now, and with people around me keep telling me that I should do this. I finally started a blog. I would love to share all my crafty bits and bobs here, some home cooking as well if I remember to take a photo before I demolish the dish, um..some baking as well after im done with my diet. As titled, this will be my wee messy corner with my favourite things.

I guess this blog will be handy for all my dearest friends as well as those who are running out of ideas for birthdays, anniversarys, Christmas and valentine’s day.etc… If you would like to replicate any project here, just let me know and I would be happy to make up a little kit up and ship it to you. And I hope you will enjoy the making process as well and remember handmade stuff is always the best gift. (as they say...)

Oh well, I will keep this blog in English since I have no idea where I put my chinese hand writing board and it is more easy for me to update. And please feel free to share this blog with your friends as well. and I would love to hear your comment so I can keep on improving, especially on my photography skills which is very basic right now. (Same as my computer skill, took me a good few week to get this blog sorted..)

Anyways, let check out my 1st published project.  My first little production is a post card I made for my LTC 2012 travel buddies. ( I hope u all received this by now!) I took the inspiration from the hero art stamp set and make this little card for them so they know is not long till the holiday of the year! I know we are not going to Paris but you get what I mean. I am really looking forward to this trip and I might keep making travel themed craft till then. till the rest of our friends are sick of us talking about it I guess.

Ok, so I think that’s me for now. I am determine to keep this blog going and I am working on a project that I will reveal a little bit later. Finally I can cross out one item on my 2012 New Year resolution list. And I still got another 10 on the list to do..haha.

Will post a 'mini present' I design for valentines day in the next post which I have not even started. Good luck to me.(!!)

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  1. Hi girl!!!
    I just loooove the blog! :) I'm really happy you started it! I'll definitely pop in to check what you're up to and probably steal some ideas and get some inspiration.
    Ps. You're me heroine for ticking off the New Year's Resolutions (I have a nice list of my own).
    All the best on your blogging debut! :)