Sunday, 22 July 2012

Im back :)

I  can’t believe I am back from Florida for more than 4 weeks now, and I think now it's time for me to come back to ‘normal’ life and start to blog again. ( My routine for the first week back is work>bed> back to work, I even left my suitcase unpacked for the whole week(!!)I did my washing the 1st day then the suitcase got left in the living room for. the. whole. week .terrible I know. Felt like a zombie when I was dealing with all the paperwork sitting on my office desk when I was back at work. Proper zombie. Not joking) But, Sun is shining today after 3 weeks of rain so I think today is a good day for a new post!

Just a wee mention on my holiday in case you are interested…Florida is so much fun and HOT, unbearably hot, burnt to a crisp 1st time in my life. Wish I got more money and luggage allowance so I can bring home more craft goodies and cheap stuff from the outlet! I managed to bring back 6 12x12 photo album this time(!!) Should put another 4 in Gary’s luggage if I had known his luggage was not overweight!

So I will show you what I am working on these days, another baby album, baby boy this time(much more challenging than baby girl i think !) , and some baby cards I quickly put together the other day(not sure why i made a baby girl card instead of a baby boy tho..). There is so much cute craft stuff for baby/baby shower in America so I guess I will be working on baby theme for a while from now on. Entering this card for A Passion for PTI , a while since last time I enter any challenge.

 A sneak peek of the album..


Will try to go back to the effective mode rather than the holiday mode(= lazy mode) which I was in for the whole month! Still got a holiday album to make. Will add that to my never ending to do list.

Catch up soon!

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