Friday, 4 May 2012

Smash Book

I ordered my first ever Smash book online last week and it finally arrived. Check this video to see what a Smash book is.

I choose Retro blue for my Smash book. (totally me!) I love it the minute I saw it. It will be the perfect home of my trash !( i.e. Cinema tickets, cute leaflets, bits & bobs I collect from nowhere) and random thoughts.
It came with a two sided pen. I would say the quality of the pen is much better than I thought. The tip of the pen is so fine and smooth and so is the glue. You can tell it is not a cheap glue.

Pages inside:

I don’t have a plan with my smash book, I just dodle a lot on it. Drew my 1st ever mandala the other day. (I can’t stop after one which I found it quite therapeutic in some way, search in youtube and learn how to draw one yourself)

I would recommend you to get a Smash book if you are the kind of person that love to write down a though or two every so often.

Of course you can just get an ordinary note book but the Smash book layout is much more fun and it is cool to carry around! Im going to carry it with me for all the upcoming trips.

Going to draw a few more mandala now (totally addictive).

Catch you later :)


  1. Your Mandalas are beautiful! I'm going to have to try this out myself! :)

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